Shitsgiving is a yearly potluck hosted by the local San Antonio punk community. Its to promote vegan/vegetarianism on a celebrated time of not peace and acceptance, but prejudice and war.


Avocado Hand Grenade (Edinburg, Tx)

Adam & The Ancient Gods (Houston,Tx)

Daze N' Daze (Houston,Tx)

Aaron Goldman (Austin,Tx)

Sarah Reynolds (Denton,Tx)

And Locals:

Gloam (San Antonio,tx Yay Andys back)

Sonia Gonzalez
Nut on Your Honey
Donnie Moher
Tiny Teeth

Straight Up Distro
Essays by Sean Conroy
Broken Brick Distro

(but i'm sure the outta town bands wouldn't minda donation)

We will also be collecting spices, noddles/pasta, and veggie can donations for FNB.

The Free Market on Thanks Ben O!

Everything's free at the Free Market

Now here's an aptly-named event! The Really Really Free Market is a chance for people to share the things they don't want anymore. The event's Facebook page has more than 400 confirmed attendees, and about 250 maybes. It's being held from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday at Madison Square Park, 400 Lexington Ave.
"The idea is not an original idea," says organizer and downtown resident Theresa Moher. "There are free markets in almost every major city in the U.S."
Volunteers will begin accepting items starting at 9:30 a.m. People are welcome to set up their own tables. All items not taken will be picked up by the Salvation Army. Moher said she's hoping the free market a monthly affair.
Click here to visit the market's Facebook page.
Benjamin Olivo
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No Thanks Fest 2010

So another year, another No Thanks. This year was just as fun as the last, minus the rain. Its awesome seeing Texas getting together for this fest, even if it is just a big ol' party.